Oral cavity:

Unfolding of lattice surface structure. Adsorption and ion exchange via oral mucous membrane Detoxification of the oral cavity and the teeth


Opening of the lattice pores and beginning of crystal water release


Development of the reactions dependent on the stomach’s hydrochloric acid: surface cationisation, de-aluminumisation and formation of colloidal SiO2. Adsorption, ion exchange, bio-catalysis and release of crystal water, antacid effect.


Involvement in the bio-catalytic function of the digestive process. Intensification of nutrient processing. Adsorption, ion exchange.

Small intestine:

Selective ion exchange, bio-catalytic function of digestion, adsorption, detoxification


Adsorption, Ion exchange, Detoxification, Regulation of microflora


of the zeolite crystals laden with toxic biometal, endotoxins, exotoxins and pathogenic microflora, peristaltic reflectoric regulation.

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The Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes

Our company Fateglobal is official worldwide distributor of Atropatena stations for GNFE network.

The Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes is an international organization carrying out its activity on basis of the Statutes and International Agreement – ICEF (International Cooperation for Earthquakes Forecasting). The main aim of GNFE is effective short-term forecasting of earthquakes and notification to GNFE participant countries about possible risk of strong earthquakes. GNFE is based on applying new earthquake forecasting technology, using the international ATROPATENA stations for earthquake forecasting, which unite to form an International Global Network. The new earthquake forecasting technology has PCT patents, national patents and KNOW-HOW. All earthquake forecasting stations continuously transmit information to the central data base in the USA. Dedicated hardware and software ensures GNFE work is undisturbed and effective. New earthquake forecasting technology has been developed in the Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Studying of Earthquakes. Full Members of GNFE are: International Academy of Science H&E (Austria, Innsbruck), Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Studying of Earthquakes (Baku, Azerbaijan), World Organization for Scientific Cooperation (WOSCO, UK, London), Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Turkey, Eurasia Industry Corporation (UK, London), SETAC Ltd. (Turkey, Istanbul). Assotiative members of GNFE is Ukraine.

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